Thursday, August 12, 2010

Action Shots

When I look at the work of other photographers, I notice that a lot of pictures are highly photoshopped these days. Photoshop can make a great picture look amazing with the right effects.

I have been rather green with envy lately at:

1. Those who actually know how to utilize photoshop for making these changes to their photos

2. Those with the full version of PS5 who are able to utilize the free actions on the Pioneer Woman's blog.


I may still not know how to fully use and understand my skimpy little version of Photoshop Elements but the Pioneer Woman has converted her actions for PSE!!

Can I get a "Woooo HOOOOOO!"?

Woooooo HOOOOOOO!!!!!

Was just playing with a recent picture I took at a "7 Year Itch" Anniversary Party.

Kinda cool... ya think?

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