Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Portrait Photography

Last night I attended week 2 of my 5 week photography class. It going just OK. Our teacher is a great photographer who specializes in commercial photography. He does amazing work, however isn't the greatest teacher. I am learning some new things and meeting some interesting people.

Our first assignment was to take some portrait head shots at an 85mm focal length and an aperture setting of 8. I struggled a little, considering my primary subject is a 2 1/2 year old boy who refuses to pose for pictures. I had to bribe him with a new truck and some fruit snacks to get him to even barely cooperate. I then resorted to a neighborhood friend, Jordan.

Here are a couple of my favorites that I turned in:

1. I found this really cool garage doors in downtown Clovis. I pulled over, grabbed Carson out of the back seat and took this ONE picture. It was a class favorite.

2. After a few shed tears, I finally convinced Carson to let me take a few pictures of him with his costume on. (I had to remind him that if he didn't let me take his picture, I would have to take away his new truck and fruit snacks.... I hate bribery, but man, it works!!)

3. Darling Jordan. I felt that the sun was a little too bright in this picture, but apparently it is "Rembrandt," so we will just go with it.

4. This wasn't taken at the correct camera settings but is my personal favorite!!

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